Hogwarts by Deadeyedamo

Walcome to the Hallways of Hogwarts!

We hope you enjoy your stay, in the meantime here is a directory of the classrooms to help you around.

Alchemy Classroom

Ancient Studies Classroom

Apparition (to take place in the Great Hall)

Arithmancy Classroom

Art Classroom

Astronomy Classroom

Care of Magical Creatures Classroom

Charms Classroom

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Divination Classroom

Elemental Magic Classroom

Flying Classroom

Ghoul Studies Classroom

Herbology Classroom

History of Magic Classroom

Muggle Art Classroom

Muggle Art History Classroom

Muggle Civics Classroom

Muggle Geography Classroom

Muggle Mathematics Classroom

Muggle Music Classroom

Muggle Science Classroom

Muggle Studies Classroom

Muggle World History Classroom

Potions Classroom

Studies of Ancient Runes Classroom

Transfiguration Classroom