This is part of a series that shows you how to create a character and what it should look like.

The following guidelines apply to all roleplayers, INCLUDING bereaucrats and admins. You are not special and I am not special enough to evade the rules.


  • create a reasonable sounding name. It would be awesome if you included a middle name.
  • create a lineage path for your character. This is not required yet it would be cool to track.
  • create a character that is fully clothed!!! This may seem like an odd rule, but I have seen it happen and I really don't need to see your character's stuff.
  • use your character in third person view. It's really confusing when you have a single account saying 'I' at the same time when they are roleplaying. However, if you use a talk bubble and then say ooc then that's fine.
  • have a normal looking avatar. I'm fine for using stick figures and stuff but PLEASE don't make it profane. If you would like you can use the Doll Divine page to create an avatar or any other website. I you are using DeviantArt, get permission. I will talk to the artist and ask if you asked permission.


  • use the founder's names without permission from a bureaucrat, such as Sam Slytherin or Ron Ravenclaw. You must get permission to use character names such as Harry Potter or Luna Lovegood. Rachel Lovegood or Jake Potter is fine but don't be related to the characters.
  • use profane language in the name. There will be a three (3) day suspension for EVERY WORD USED.
  • use improper grammar or spelling. It will result in a warning the first time and a four (4) day block if you fail to meet this requirement.