About Dylan Hawk

Name: Dylan Hawk--

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Year: 2nd

House: Ravenclaw

Status: Half-Blood

Personality: kind, smart, adventurous

Looks: 5' 5", tanned, sea green eyes, freckles, sandy hair

Family: Dylan's mother, Denise is an archeologist in Egypt. She is a muggle and has no idea that her son is going to Hogwarts. His father, Daniel, is a wizard and a Healer at St. Mungo's. Dylan's sister, Danielle, is 8 years old and also doesn't know that Dylan is going to Hogwarts.


  • Lily Carter- 2nd year, red hair, beautiful, kind, funny, and smart
  • Jimmy Cole- 2nd year, brown, shaggy hair, 5' 3", funny, and loyal


  • Madelin Pertle- long blonde hair, big blue eyes, 4' 7", 2nd year, glasses

Animagus: None, but hopes it will be a hawk

Job: None, but hopes to become an Auror