House Points

  • House points are necessary for EVERY HOUSE MEMBER! You must gain at least 5 House points to have your character remain.
  • If you cannot attend regularly, please let me know by owling me.

Losing House Points

  • Understand that you cannot lose points easily. Do not go out of your way to do so, your Head of House and I will be very irritated.
  1. Using an Unforgivable Curse on somebody, or worse a teacher.
  2. Not turning in your homework for 3 times.
  3. Intentionally violating a rule.

Gaining House Points

  • Gaining House points are much easier than losing.
  1. Doing your homework (varies by teacher).
  2. Answering a question in class.
  3. Helping a new student in the hallways.
  4. Winning Quidditch matches.
  5. Passing O.W.L.'s or N.E.W.T.'s.
  6. Winning the Quadwizard Tournament.

Recording House Points

  • Admins, listen carefully...
  1. Go onto the page called 'House Points Log '.
  2. Add a bullet including your signature, why, a certain amount of points, and which House is receiving these and who earned them.
  3. Press 'Publish'.