You MUST follow these!

Policies for Everyone

  1. Language- Do not use offensive language to one another. I actually [gasp] do not mind curse words as long as you are not using it excessively. Excessive use will not be tolerated.
  2. Vandalism/Spam- The first act of these activities will result in a 3 day suspension. The third act will be dealt with accordingly, due to the severity.
  3. Account Naming- Violent or obscene account names will result in a warning followed by a 3 month block.
  4. Personal Attack- A cool-down time will be given, length depending on the severity of the attacks.
  5. Copyright- Copying anything such as wording, pics, or templates from this website or another without the permission of admin will result in an indefinite ban.
  6. Sockpuppet Accounts- Making a sockpuppet account (especially if you're blocked), is a severe offense. If you do make a sockpuppet account then it will result in a three (3) month block
  7. Grammar/Spelling- If you do not complete a sentence properly you will be warned and given a one (1) day block. Each offense following will result in a four (4) day block.