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These questions will determine your fate at Hogwarts, please answer truthfully. Will you be cunning Ravenclaw, shining with wit and knowledge? Or brave Gryffindor, going into battle for the saving of their friends. Or cunning Slytherin, full to the top of the witch's hat with with potions to brew. And last but not least, kind Hufflepuff, so friendly, yet so talented. Here you will find out.

Which quality do you value most in a friend?

a. bravery

b​. royal blood

c. knowledge

d. kindness

Which item would you possess?

a. A sword that wins every battle for you

b. A diadem that gives you the knowledge of a sage and scholar

c. A cup that allows you to make any food or drink you want

d. A locket that gives you the power to rule the world

What sport/game do you value most?

a. Russian Roulette

b. Jeapordy

c. Quidditch

d. No sport at all

Which town would you like to live in?

a. Delphi, Greece

b. Lima, Peru

c. New York City, New York

d. Aushwitz, Germany

Which Greek god/goddess best shows you?

For Males

A. Zeus

B. Dionysus

C. Ares

D. Pallas

For Females

A. Artemis

B. Hestia

C. Eris

D. Athena

If you had to save somebody who would it be?

A. Family

B. Friends

C. Yourself

D. Everybody else but you

Pick one of the options (either left or right) for the following six questions--

  • Ex. 1- Resilience or authority?
  • Ex. 2- (DO NOT DO) Resilience or authority? OR Resilience or authority? (leaving it blank)

Resilience or authority?

Bravery or sneakiness?

Save a life or save your life?

Plants or herbs?

Knowledge or herbs?

Money or thoughfullness?

Pick one (1) color from each section.

Green, Yellow, Blue, Red

Silver, Black, Bronze, Gold

Which do you value most?

  1. Incendio
  2. Expelliarmus
  3. Expecto Patronum
  4. Crucio

At your work/school, somebody offers you a plate of gold. What would you do? Would you...

  • A- Inquire them where did they get the gold and why they are offering it to you.
  • B- Take it! Money is good!
  • C- Report them to the principal/boss.
  • D- Sweetly say 'no, thank you' and walk away


Write a paragraph to two about a duel with your arch enemy- assuming they knew magic to. Please do not use anybody's duels from Dumbledore's Army Role-Play or Hogwarts RPG. I will know. USe spells based on your own knowledge, not from Harry Potter Wikia.

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